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Caritas Internationalis

The future is made of us, let's share the journey.

  • Art Director
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Team Manager

The future is made of us, let's share the journey

Inspired by Pope Francis’ reflection on our common shared future ( The future is made of all of us and our encounter with others because “life flows through our relations with others”), in collaboration with Caritas I produced a three-metre-high collage containing the faces of people who may not know each other in person, but whose lives are inextricably linked: migrants and refugees of the past and present, leaders, CEOs of the biggest companies, Caritas staff from different parts of the world and others who are part of our migrant journey.
The collage is part of Caritas’ Share the Journey campaign. In addition to the creation of collage, I took care of the advertising campaign for the event, creating the illustrations, graphics and animations for the web campaign.

  • Alfonso Apicella - Global Campaigns Manager
  • Michelle Hough - Communications Officer
  • Germano Serafini - Photographer
  • Giorgio Scagnoli - Designer